Kate tells the Truth

Kate Beckinsale, Matt Dillon, Vera Farmiga and Edie Falco will star in the upcoming political thriller NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH for director Rod Lurie (THE CONTENDER). In the film, Beckinsale will play a journalist who outs a CIA agent (Farmiga) and is jailed when she refuses to out her sources. Dillon will play the aggressive prosecutor who puts Beckinsale in jail and Falco her editor at the newspaper. If all this sounds familiar that'd because it's basically a dramatization of the Valarie Plame case with Beckinsale taking on the Judith Miller role (the NY Times reporter who went to jail to protect her sources). The Yari Film Group will finance the pic after recently working with Lurie on the Samuel L. Jackson/Josh Hartnett boxing drama RESURRECTING THE CHAMP. Filming is set to begin this October as to beat a rival Plame-esque story that Warner Bros. is developing.

Extra Tidbit: Lurie started his career as a film critic for magazines like Entertainment Weekly and Premiere.
Source: Variety



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