Katee Sackohoff and Chad Michael Murray to get Haunted in Georgia

I remember THE HAUNTING IN CONNECTICUT for one reason only, that poster where that damn kid vomits up a plastic bag. I did NOT know that the film went on to be #1 at the box office its opening weekend, and so, naturally, a franchise is born.

THE HAUNTING IN GEORGIA will be the next film in the series, and it's recently assembled itself a cast to play the real life Wyrick family who experienced some rather weird shit that I'm totally sure was worth making a movie about. There's Chad Michael Murray as the no-nonsense husband, Abigail Spencer as his freaked wife, Katee Sackhoff as her strange sister and Emily Alyn Lind as her young daughter.

It's a more recognizable cast than the first film, but will it be any good? Has anyone actually seen the first one who can vouch that a sequel is in order? THE LAST EXORCISM and PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 2 recently have put me off any "real life" horror films, so I can't say I'm terribly excited at the prospect. But put Katee Sackhoff in anything, and I can probably convinced to see it. I don't care if she has man shoulders sometimes, she's a strong woman OK?

Extra Tidbit: These new stupid low budget horror franchises are going to make me miss SAW I'm sorry to say.
Source: THR



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