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Katherine Heigl attains immortality in The Age of Adaline


Because she's surely going to need to wash the stink of KILLERS off herself when that film debuts, Katherine Heigl is trying to approach romance from a classier angle in THE AGE OF ADALINE.

Heigl will play a woman in the 1900s who is made immortal by some sort of accident, and goes through life lonely until she meets a man that she might consider going mortal for, which is apparently part of the accident, or curse, or however the hell the whole eternal life thing happened in the first place.

No, this doesn’t sound terribly original, but I am impressed to a certain degree it’s not based on anything like a book or old movie or board game. I’m not the biggest fan of Heigl (she’s rubbed me the wrong way ever since her bitchy comments about KNOCKED UP being sexist), but who knows, it could be worthwhile and she is pretty damn hot. Whoops is that sexist?

No? Then how about this:


Extra Tidbit: I feel like Heigl's the type of celebrity who would find this article and write me an eloquent e-mail about what an asshole I am.
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