Katie Holmes might steal the groom of Anna Paquin in this trailer for The Romantics

"I hear, the secrets that you keep... When you're talking in your sleep..."

This trailer isn't about those Romantics, it's about a group of friends that nicknamed themselves, THE ROMANTICS. Basically because they've all been involved with each other romantically in some way.

I'm a sucker for a love triangle, so this instantly has me interested. Aside from that, I really like the cast they've assembled to represent the group of friends: Katie Holmes, Josh Duhamel, Anna Paquin, Elijah Wood, Malin Akerman, and Adam Brody. I also bet some male JoBlo'ers out there will appreciate the move that Akerman does from one car to the other in a skirt. It may seem like the typical romantic fare, but at least it doesn't have Jennifer Aniston or Katherine Heigl in it. I know there's not a lot of Holmes fans out there either, but at least you don't have to see her in every other rom-com that comes out.

Head over to Apple to check it out in HD.

Official synopsis:

"Over the course of one raucous night at a seaside wedding seven close friends, all members of a tight, eclectic college clique, reconvene to watch two of their own tie the knot. Laura (Katie Holmes) is maid of honor to Lila (Anna Paquin), her golden girl best friend. The two have long rivaled over the groom, Tom (Josh Duhamel). Friendships and alliances are tested and the love triangle comes to a head the night before the wedding, when the drunken friends frolic in the nearby surf and return to shore... without the groom."

Extra Tidbit: Last weeks sex scene from TRUE BLOOD with Anna Paquin was awesome. Check it out here over at Moviehotties.
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