Katy wants Steve

Katy Mixon Considering the dearth of news to be found on the internets today, let's turn our attention to Katy Mixon, a plump brunette hottie currently sharing screen time with Sandra Bullock, Thomas Hayden Church and Bradley Cooper in the romantic comedy ALL ABOUT STEVE, who's yet to be mentioned in connection with this film. In the film, Bullock stars as a crossword puzzle maker who becomes convinced that the news cameraman (Cooper) with whom she goes on a blind date, is her soul mate. Obsession-based hilarity then ensues. We've yet to discover who Mixon plays, other than knowing her character's name is Elizabeth, but considering she's not averse to playing saucy, sexy cheerleaders as she did in the Elisha Cuthbert starring spooky incest thriller THE QUIET, we expect a similar level of sexpot appeal from her. She can next be seen being hot and planning a career trajectory hitting all the right sex and drug scandal milestones.

Extra Tidbit: For anybody's who's seen THE QUIET, did Cuthbert and Mixon get naughty, you know, with each other?
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