Keanu is Plastic?

After SPEED RACER did the Flintstones flop at the box-office many wondered whether it meant doom for other big-budget Wachowski brothers adaptations. Apparently it didn't mean much as it seems that the Wachowskis and Joel Silver are gearing up to get filming going on PLASTIC MAN. According to CHUD, Silver told a German radio station (he's over there with that NINJA ASSASSIN movie) that he and the Wachowskis are looking for a holiday 2009 release for PLASTIC and that they're talking to Keanu Reeves about starring. It's interesting news but unfortunately CHUD wasn't able to dig up much in their fact checking other than no comments. That said, it's not the most bizarre rumor in the world. I'd certainly love for the Wachowskis to do something other than PLASTIC MAN but I wouldn't be surprised if they did and convinced Keanu Reeves to strap on the goggles. Silver will be at Comic-Con promoting NINJA so expect him to be bombarded with questions about this very subject and hopefully we'll get a confirmation or denial.

Extra Tidbit: Plastic Man makes an appearance in Frank Miller's "The Dark Knight Strikes Again."
Source: CHUD



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