Keanu is Ronin

Nope, Neo won't be the star of the eventual adaptation of Frank Miller's graphic novel RONIN, nor driving European streets with Jean Reno and Bobby D.

Keanu Reeves is going to be one of 47 RONIN, an in-the-works epic about swordsmen avenging their slain master in 18th century Japan. Though based on a true story, the movie will contain stylized fantasy elements and gritty battle scenes. Plus the not-entirely-Asian Keanu, who will be sort of THE 46th TO LAST SAMURAI, I guess.

The Universal project comes from writer Chris Morgan, who helped inflict WANTED upon me. No director is attached to 47 RONIN yet, but at least Reeves will get to utilize whatever sword skills he picked up from the MATRIX sequels and the canceled SINBAD project. He'll be busy blowing up/preventing blow-uppage this weekend in the remake of THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL.

Extra Tidbit: I wouldn't mind either a CONSTANTINE or BILL & TED sequel instead, but I guess that ain't gonna happen...
Source: Variety



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