Keanu knows Tai Chi?

Since he left the Matrix, Keanu Reeves hasn't utilized much of the martial arts skills he picked up during his time as The One -- is he feeling the itch to throw a few more palm strikes and crane kicks?

Word is that Reeves is keen on reuniting with his MATRIX kung fu coordinator, the legendary master Yuen Wo Ping, for a project tentatively titled TAI CHI TIGER. Keanu won't be our savior this time though -- apparently he wants to play the villain.

So who's our hero? An up-and-coming kicker named Tiger Chen, who may end up directing the flick as well -- the project is still in the planning stages, but Wo Ping would only be handling the flying fists and feet if he's involved. Reeves is currently being a bit more pacifistic in the remake of THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL.
Extra Tidbit: Reeves and Val Kilmer have swapped roles -- JOHNNY MNEMONIC was originally a Kilmer project, while Keanu was attached to play Chris in HEAT. One made out better on that deal...
Source: wu-jing.org



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