Keanu no longer sad, is quite pumped at the prospect of another Bill and Ted

Now this is sequel news I can get behind.

Keanu Reeves, best known as the internet's latest celebrity meme, recently sat down with MTV and showed that not only is he not depressed, as previous pictures may have implied, but he's actually quite jovial when discussing the prospect of another BILL AND TED movie. This expands a bit on what he said to MTV about the same subject a few months ago, though he was a bit more cryptic then.

In the beginning he talks very seriously about getting a script written, especially when he realizes he's closing in on the film's 25th anniversary in a few years.

By the end however, he's going over potential fictional directorial possibilities for the film on a less serious note, and does his best Werner Herzog impression which is worth watching by itself. 

But I really think this could happen, and if it did, I'd be the first one in line. Wouldn't you?

Extra Tidbit: Bogus Journey was such a letdown.
Source: MTV



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