Keanu Reeves finds love in space

I was watching BILL AND TED'S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE the other day with some friends and the question was posed, How would the world be different if Alex Winter became the A-list star and Keanu Reeves just faded away? My answer was that not much would have changed. We would've been sitting on a couch in that alternate universe and wondering, "Wow can you imagine what it would've been like if Keanu Reeves became a big star?!" It's equally as unbelievable.

But Reeves keeps trucking and is moving forward on his next project, PASSENGERS, a sci-fi romance set on a spaceship. (Try going back and explaining that to the version of yourself that just saw BILL AND TED for the first time.) Gabriele Muccino (SEVEN POUNDS) has signed on to direct the film, which will star Reeves as an astronaut (wait, where are you going?!...) making the trek to a faraway planet. He accidentally wakes up halfway through the journey and has to come to grips with spending the next 90 years alone. Rubbing one out can only get you so far so he decides to wake up his beautiful co-astronaut.

The project is set up at Morgan Creek and is based on a script by Jon Spaihts (who wrote the current draft of the ALIEN reboot at Fox). It's unclear when filming might begin but Muccino is filming at least one other project before this one. Reeves is set to star as a samurai in the upcoming 47 RONIN.

Extra Tidbit: From samurai to astronaut. Yup.
Source: Variety



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