Keanu's Crime

Reeves in BILL & TED

I still have hopes for Keanu Reeves, even though I haven't been impressed by his post-Matrix offerings; I liked CONSTANTINE no matter what people say, but LAKE HOUSE was just bland, STREET KINGS was mildly entertaining at best and DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL was every bit unnecessary as a remake could possibly get. But stepping up as a modern-day Jimmy Stewart? I'm curious.

Reeves' new production shingle Company Films is developing HENRY'S CRIME from a script by THE TERMINAL scribe Sacha Gervasi. The Frank Capra-inspired story follows an every-day bighearted man, to be played by Neo himself, who's put on trial for a bank robbery he didn't commit.

That's a romantic comedy, by the way. I know many already feel that foul SWEET NOVEMBER aftertaste, but still, I can actually picture Keanu in a heartfelt little Capra-esque comedy. AND it's independently financed, ergo outside studio "influence", so it might be something to look out for. Other than that Cowboy Bebop live-action we've been promised for a while.

Extra Tidbit: Can Keanu ever be as funny as he was back in the BILL & TED days?
Source: Variety



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