Keira gets Damned

While DOMINO wasn't exactly a fantastic movie, it's certainly the kind of movie I'd rather see Keira Knightley doing. Kick some ass KK! But instead of seeing bad-ass Keira, we'll get period drama Keira as she's signed on to her fifth period piece in a row. Knightley has signed on to star in THE BEAUTIFUL AND THE DAMNED, which is based on a love story between writer F. Scott Fitzgerald and Zelda Sayre. Following period turns in ATONEMENT, SILK, THE EDGE OF LOVE and THE DUCHESS, Knightley would star as Sayre, the schizophrenic author who fell in love with Scott only to have their marriage devolve into jealousy, resentment and acrimony. The film is based on the novel written by Scott, which was a thinly veiled tale of his relationship with Sayre. Nick Cassavetes (THE NOTEBOOK) will direct the film based on a screenplay for Hanna Weg. Filming is scheduled to begin in April.

Extra Tidbit: Keira should star in the WANTED sequel.
Source: THR



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