Keira is Princess Di?

Keira Knightley With British royalty quickly becoming the hottest commodity in Hollywood this side of a symbiote-bonding webslinger, effeminate, but no less swashbuckling, pirate or an expert pop culture referencing ogre, Hollywood's apparently foaming at the mouth to cash in on the life and times of the most charismatic of modern era British royalty - Princess Diana. Paparazzi photogs Glenn Harvey and Mark Saunders, dismayed that their profession has been collectively blamed for Princess Di's death, have written a controversial new book about their relationship with the glamorous Princess and producers at this year's Cannes were systematically making people conveniently disappear in order to get their hands on its film rights. And everyone, it seems, was fixed on Keira Knightley portraying the elegant aristocrat. The story is being described as BUTCH CASSIDY meets SNOW WHITE but considering that, according to one producer, "For every pound The Queen makes, a film about Diana would make ten," "story" is a low priority element. Let's face it, Di plus Knightley equals ka-ching!! Read more about this over HERE.

Extra Tidbit: Notable ancestors of Princess Diana include: Robert the Bruce, Mary, Queen of Scots; Mary Boleyn, Lady Catherine Grey, Maria de Salinas, John Egerton, 2nd Earl of Bridgewater; James Stanley, 7th Earl of Derby; and George Washington's brother John Augustine Washington.
Source: The Sun



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