Ken Kwapis set to direct a live-action Dilbert movie?

Psst... isn't "The Office" (and OFFICE SPACE) basically live-action Dilbert?

Perhaps, the folks over at Phoenix Entertainment and Intrigue Entertainment also thought this and simply shrugged it off, because according to Pajiba's Hollywood Cog, director Ken Kwapis - who's directed about a dozen episodes of NBC's "The Office" - has been set to direct a live-action adaptation of the Scott Adams comic strip.

While the idea of a DILBERT film isn't necessarily a bad one (though I'm not exactly sure who the heck is asking for this right now of all times), I should point out that the project is being produced by Tariq Jalil, the guy behind another comic strip-turned-cinema - MARMADUKE - as well as the terribly ill-conceived American version of Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, and Jessica Stevenson's brilliant British series "Spaced" (and yes, Pajiba, we really should be throwing rocks at him for that).

Casting suggestions for Dilbert? He wouldn't necessarily have to have a square head, but it would certainly help.
Extra Tidbit: Dilbert was turned into an animated series back in 1999 but ran for only two seasons (it aired on UPN which couldn't have helped).
Source: Pajiba



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