Kendrick joins Cancer

Back at the 2008 Tribeca Film Festival, I was lucky enough to see THE WACKNESS; a film directed by Jonathan Levine, which I loved. Sadly the film never really took off after that but it hasn't seemed to slow down Levine's career. The director has signed on to direct the untitled Seth Rogen/James McAvoy dramedy formerly known as I'M WITH CANCER.

Also joining the production is Anna Kendrick, hot off her supporting role in UP IN THE AIR that may very well land her an Oscar nomination. In the film, McAvoy will play a man in his mid-20s who learns he has cancer. Kendrick will play a young psychiatrist assigned to his case despite her lack of real world experience. Rogen's character is unclear but it's said to be more of a supporting role. Levine hops on the film after original director, Nicole Holofcener (LOVELY AND AMAZING) left due to scheduling conflicts. Filming is scheduled to begin this February in Vancouver.

Extra Tidbit: If you've got the time (and means) on your lunch break, you can watch THE WACKNESS online at Netflix.
Source: THR



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