Kenneth Branagh could be Laurence Olivier to Michelle William's Marilyn Monroe

There are two Marilyn Monroe projects in the works right now. One with all the sexy scandal we know that actress for, with her portrayed by Naomi Watts. The other? MY WEEK WITH MARIYLN, where Laurence Olivier chaperones her on the set of THE PRINCE IN THE SHOWGIRL. Ehh not as fun.

But that project seems to be clipping along nicely, as alongside Michelle Williams as Marilyn, reportedly Kenneth Branagh, the actor and director of THOR in case you forgot, is in talks to play Sir Laurence Olivier in the film.

Yes, naturally “in talks” isn’t concrete, and much of this depends on if THOR is able to be finished at a reasonable pace, but it would probably give this film a boost over the other one if it were true. But I have to say, I love Naomi Watts as Marilyn over Michelle Williams. Though that film has Arthur Miller, Joe DiMaggio and JFK stand-ins to cast, all of which will be pretty tricky.

Which project are you looking forward to more?

Extra Tidbit: Who's our Marilyn Monroe equivalent today? Scarjo? Angelina Jolie? Hah, I don't think we have one really.



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