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Kenneth Branagh to direct Chris Pine in the untitled Jack Ryan film


Wow. Kenneth Branagh is certainly branching out in his directing career.

From Shakespeare to THOR to...Tom Clancy. That is correct. Mr. Branagh has been called upon to helm the next Jack Ryan film. The flick, which is still untitled, has Chris Pine attached to star.

As you know, we recently reported that Jack Bender (LOST) would take the helm, but had to turn it down due to scheduling conflicts. It's a good thing that Branagh has set his sights on this thing. Apparently, Paramount was about to lose all hope and interest in another Ryan action packed film. If Branagh decides to pass, then the fate of this thing may not be so good.

David Koepp polished the most recent draft of the script. Filming should begin after Pine is finished up with STAR TREK 2.

Is Branagh a good fit for this project?

Extra Tidbit: Who here liked THOR?
Source: Variety



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