Kev Smith sets next

Kevin Smith has signed a deal to direct his next film but it won't be the thriller RED STATE or the sci-fl flick that had previously been announced. Smith instead will direct COUPLE OF DICKS, a comedy starring Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan. While Smith won't be changing genres like he would have with either his thriller or sci-fi projects, there is a lot that will be different about DICKS. First, this project is set up at Warner Bros., the first time since MALLRATS that Smith has directed a film outside the Weinstein universe. Second, it will be the first time that Smith will direct a film that he hasn't written. The script for DICKS was written by Robb and Marc Cullen though it is possible that Smith will do a rewrite before shooting begins.

Not a whole lot is known about the project other than it is a detective comedy. It was originally set up independently with Robin Williams and James Gandolfini set to cast (Williams has since sued the producers who he claims failed to pay him for his services). The title of the film is expected to change (thank God) and the studio has set a January 29, 2010 release.

Extra Tidbit: Smith and Willis co-starred, albeit briefly, in LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD.
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