Kevin Bacon, Emma Stone join Steve Carell comedy

While Glenn Ficarra and John Requa patiently await the release of their last film, I LOVE YOU PHILLIP MORRIS, they're moving on to their next comedy, an untitled comedy with Steve Carell starring as a soon-to-be divorcee struggling to keep his family together. Ficarra and Requa have signed on Kevin Bacon and Emma Stone to the cast of the film that is set to begin production next month.

Bacon will play the "alpha male" who's sleeping with Carell's wife (Julianne Moore) while Stone will play the daughter of Carell and Moore. Ryan Gosling will play a slick life coach that Carell hires to help get his life back together. It all sounds rather depressing for a comedy but while there are certainly some dramatic elements, the film is most definitely a comedy.

The project is Carell's first priority while on hiatus from NBC's "The Office." He's still got a number of films vying for his attention but it's unclear if he'll follow up this film with another project before heading back to work on TV.

Stone can be seen next in the fall comedy EASY A and Bacon recently wrapped filming with Rainn Wilson, Ellen Page and Liv Tyler on the superhero comedy SUPER.

Extra Tidbit: I like the idea of Gosling starring in a comedy.
Source: THR



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