Kevin Conroy says Christian Bale's Batman voice isn't all his fault

Kevin Conroy, the famous voice of Batman from the animated series, a number of animated films and Arkham Asylum was recently asked at last week's Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo what he thought about Christian Bale’s Batman voice.

The video below shows his response, which is pretty funny, but he actually does try to legitimately explain what’s going wrong with Bale’s interpretation. He does admit the voice is pretty awful, but maintains it’s not all Bale’s fault, and that everyone around him as at fault for letting him to do the voice in such a ridiculous fashion. I have always wondered why a genius like Nolan would let something so amateur slide in his films, but maybe he’s afraid of getting chewed out in an infamous Bale rant.

Check out the video below (via ScreenRant), and while we’re here, I’ll point you to another classic Bale-voice Batman video.

Extra Tidbit: I say just put Conroy in the suit in the next film and let Bale shoot all the Bruce Wayne scenes.
Source: ScreenRant



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