Kevin James: Mall Cop

It's a subject so ripe for comedy that I'm shocked it hasn't been done before. Kevin James has signed on to star in MALL COP, where he'll play a hapless security guard forced to stop a group of thieves who take over the mall. James will work on the script with Nick Bakay (hey, isn't that the guy from ESPN and The NFL Network?) with Adam Sandler producing. My only problem with this MALL COP movie is that James looks far too normal to be a mall cop. At least the mall security guards by me in Jersey don't look anything like James. They're skinnier, dorkier, zittier and a little more pompous. More Rainn Wilson than Kevin James. But hey, it's a movie so we'll suspend some disbelief. James and Sandler teamed up this summer on I NOW PRONOUNCE YOU CHUCK AND LARRY and doesn't have any other projects in the works (slacker!). No word on whether filming is planned to begin before next summer's strike.

Extra Tidbit: One day maybe they'll have a triple feature with this movie, Burt Reynolds and Liza Minnelli in RENT-A-COP and the upcoming Keifer Sutherland-as-security-guard thriller MIRRORS.
Source: Variety



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