Kevin Macdonald to direct the whodunit Murder Mystery

Kevin Macdonald, who last brought us STATE OF PLAY and THE LAST KING OF SCOTLAND, has been tapped to direct the descriptively titled MURDER MYSTERY.

From screenwriter James Vanderbilt - who you might recognize as the guy behind the upcoming Spider-Man reboot (but also 2007's absolutely brilliant ZODIAC... not to mention the soon-to-be-released THE LOSERS) - MURDER MYSTERY "revolves around an American couple honeymooning in Europe who are implicated when they witness a murder and wind up embroiled in interna­tional intrigue." Producer A.J. Dix calls the project "pure entertainment... exciting, suspenseful and romantic."

MURDER MYSTERY is currently casting, so expect to hear news on who will be romancing who in the coming weeks. Macdonald, meanwhile, is putting the finishing touches on his Channing Tatum sword-and-sandal epic THE EAGLE OF THE NINTH, which is currently set for release on September 24.
Extra Tidbit: So I'm reading up on screenwriter James Vanderbilt over at IMDb, and the Spidey reboot has Meaghan Jette Martin listed as "rumored" for the part of Gwen Stacey. I know, who? Out of what ass was that pulled from?
Source: Variety



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