Kevin Smith answers some tweets about Red State

Want some more info on Kevin Smith's RED STATE?

Found via our boys over at AITH, Smith had another lengthy chit chat with fans on twitter. The questions on the film were rather impromptu.

The last thing we got from Smith was a still showing the back of Michael Parks' head.

I think it's really cool of Smith to share the details of his film with fans. Actually, he's really open to answering any questions. There's one in there somewhere about an ALIEN fleshlight...

Here are the deets on the film. First the questions asked by fans:

- "How graphic so far, violence-wise?" You won't forget our first kill. Guar-an-teed...

- "what's the expected runtime of RED STATE?" Feeling like 80 or 85 mins, when all's said & done.

- "im a non militant reg old christian, will RED STATE be insulting to me" Christ, no - s'just a horror flick. I swear...

- "are you filming in chronological order" Pretty much. We're at around 52 minutes right now, with 8 days left to shoot.

- "So it's a...Churchploitation?" More like Christploitation - a concept that, sadly, extends far beyond a dopey film genre..."

- "do you have a distributor for RED STATE?" Nah. Sundance in January, if possible. From there, we'll see the lay of the land."

- "Filming?" 10 days left. Editorially, I'm current w/what's shot - so at the wrap party, the crew can watch the entire flick.

- "Happy with RED STATE so far?" SO fucking happy. There's not a weak link in this bunch..."

- "doing a horror movie w/John Goodman?" His first day's tomorrow! We start him off by showing him the whole flick thus far.

Here's the stuff that Smith offered before the questions:

- "Act 2 is all about self-sufficiency: relying solely on one's own abilities to achieve & satisfy. No more intermediates; no more middle-men"

- "In the 70's, they made exploitation flicks about devil worship. We flip it on RED STATE - so it's an exploitation flick about angel worship."

- "Another quality RED STATE evenin'. Tonight, we badger Matt Jones. 45 mins of footage cut. We're halfway done. Parks & Leo & ALL crushing it."

Extra Tidbit: If you will be out and about in Los Angeles on the 25th, go be an extra for the film. It will be for the "funeral" scene. Check out this link and put in all your infos: RED STATE extras.
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