Kevin Smith & J.Lo?!

Every once in a while news will come across my desk that will surprise the hell out of me.  Something that will just make you go WOW, I didn't see that coming.  This morning I read such news and my face contorted into a WHAT?! expression as I did a double-take.  I can honestly say that I never ever (ever ever never ever never never never ever) thought Jennifer Lopez would star in a Kevin Smith movie.  Can you imagine J.Lo, diva supreme, doing stink-palm jokes or sharing the screen with Jason Mewes?  Not I said the fly.  But I suppose that's indicative of Kevin's new direction and the end of the Askewniverse as we knew it.  A kindler, gentler Kevin Smith...

Affleck and Lopez
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez on the set of GIGLI

Let me bring you all up to speed.  According to Tuesday's Hollywood Reporter, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are in negotiations to star in JERSEY GIRL, Kevin Smith's next film.  While Ben has been all but confirmed 100% since the start (Smith moved the start of production back two months to accomodate Affleck's DAREDEVIL schedule) the Lopez news comes as quite a shock.  Smith initially expressed that he would be casting an unknown as the wife of Affleck's character (the role Lopez is negotiating for).   The news of J.Lo and K.Smith joining may initially seem as remote a possibility as Tom Cruise starring in a Jon Waters film (actually that doesn't seem too far off) consider that while Smith has a raunchy past made up of "dick and fart" jokes, this is his PG family film.  Also in the report was confirmation that Affleck's character's name is Ollie Trinke and that George Carlin is negotiating to star as his father.   Despite the film's name, shooting is scheduled to take place in either Toronto or Pittsburgh this fall.

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