Kevin Smith loves Gone

I know it's not exactly the most ethical thing to do, but Kevin Smith has written the first mini-review of Ben Affleck's directorial debut GONE, BABY, GONE. Sure, we know the two are crazy friendly and probably shoot the shit all the time, but if Kevin Smith does anything, I'd like to think it's tell it how it is. I could be naive but I honestly believe if he saw GONE and thought it was a piece of shit, he'd say exactly that. Fortunately, he didn't:

“I’ve seen the flick twice and it’s awesome. Total awards contender... It’s one of those movies where you watch and you’re like [groan] First time out? He made a better movie than I’ve ever made. That jerk! And he’s easier to look at, richer, I hate him so much! But it’s a really great flick.”

This is great. I'm an Affleckian (as opposed to a Damonite), I think the guy is cool so I hope everything he does is golden. I even thought that GIGLI was underrated. Although that was only because it was rated in artistic circles as 'piss poor'. GONE, BABY, GONE tells the story of two detectives who are in search of a 4 year old girl that has been kidnapped in Boston.
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Source: /Film



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