Kevin Smith's charity-driven Red State poster collection

Here in the internet movie news business, exclusives are a must-have for any site, and Kevin Smith recently used this fact in tandem with the release of a bunch of new Red State character posters, which he gave to sites who outbid each other for them on Twitter.

But before you launch into anti-Smith rage here, know that the proceeds did go to charity, and each raised about $2,000 for organizations like HaveFaithHaiti, The Kenny Gordon Foundation and The Wayne Foundation, with Smith matching the bids with his own money.

So, to give proper credit to the winners we have The Father, from Giant Fire Breathing Robot, The Sons, from Pussy Eating Club (yup) and Caleb, from Xcellent Creations. The Virgin is Kevin's own "gift" to fans after they pledged $1,000 to charity some time ago.

Check them all out below, and if you have the funds, maybe you can buy the next one for your Tumblr blog.

Extra Tidbit: How much is the first trailer going to cost?



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