Kick-Ass 2 talk

Judging from the early response, comic writer Mark Millar has every right to be planning a sequel to KICK-ASS.

While discussing the movie tie-in book with CBR, Millar mentions that a comic follow-up is already in the cards, and with an equally subtle title: BALLS TO THE WALL.

While no story details were given, Millar says he "had the whole second series worked out two years ago" and it should hit comic stores around August 2010. (Naturally, Millar also claims "We always saw this as at least a trilogy.")

Millar also says that they talked to Mark Wahlberg and Daniel Craig about playing the role that eventually went to Nic Cage, and that the story was initially going to be told from the point-of-view of Big Daddy and Hit Girl (the competent crimefighters) before switching focus to the geeky teen who randomly decides to become a costumed vigilante and sucks at it.

The movie hits theaters HARD in April.
Extra Tidbit: With luck, they'll have a better handle on the release schedule next time -- when the final KICK-ASS comic ultimately arrives, it will have taken nearly two years to publish eight issues.
Source: CBR



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