Kick-Ass War

Kick Ass doing what the title says

Matthew Vaughn saw his movie version of KICK ASS turned down by every major studios back when it was only in script stage, being told it was too violent and lewd. But when footage screened at Comic Con had folks on their feet in cheers, things changed.

According to The Hollywood Reporter's Risky Biz Blog, 3 studios are currently duking it out to pick up the film, even with a high 7-figure price tag and subsequent percentage deal for Vaughn. Lionsgate, Paramount and Universal are the ones trying to give Matt the last laugh.

The idea is not only to make money (which it always is), but to make LOTS of money as studios feel the character and comic's popularity added to the successful footage screening opens the door for the other F word: Franchise. As far as fans are concerned though, it simply means we finally might get an official release date soon enough.

Extra Tidbit: I still say Nic Cage is way off to play Big Daddy, but hey - if that's what it takes to sell the darn thing...
Source: Risky Biz Blog



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