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Yesterday, I showed you guys some epic set photos from KUNG FU KID. Now I have a really "sweet" teaser poster that is soon to have the title changed on it.

Now a point was made in the strike backs that the cycle of remakes is inevitable, which it is. I'm usually pretty open to family films myself because sometimes I find it really hard to be an asshole about kids movies. I think my so-so attitude towards this remake is the fact that the original is something of glorious nostalgia for me. Plus Pat Morita is awesome.

I really like Jackie Chan too, especially when watching blooper reels from some of his movies. He's just so damn happy. I'm sure the kiddos will enjoy it, but as far as the adult crowd goes they might need a bit more convincing.

Extra Tidbit: Pat Morita is the real life Master Splinter. Okay, so maybe he isn't but that's who he reminds me of.
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