Kidman a shut-in

Nicole Kidman will produce and star in a remake of the Colombian horror film AL FINAL DEL ESPECTRO for Universal. In the film, Kidman would play an agoraphobic woman who begins to live like a hermit in her new fancy apartment. As you might expect, this being a horror film and all, spooky shit starts to happen. Voices, visions, sounds and a creepy neighbor all make the woman wonder what happened in her apartment before she moved in. Juan Felipe Orozco, who directed the original, is attached to direct the Kidmanized version. So far, so good, right? The script is currently being written by Fernley Phillips of THE NUMBER 23 infamy. The film would reteam Kidman with producers Roy Lee and Doug Davison who worked with the actress on another thriller, the upcoming INVASION. Kidman is currently filming AUSTRALIA in...Australia...and has both MARGOT AT THE WEDDING and THE GOLDEN COMPASS due later this year.

Extra Tidbit: Orozco was only 27 years old when he filmed ESPECTRO. Damn talented bastard...
Source: Variety



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