Kidman is Plame

Our main man Jason Adams sat down with Doug Liman recently and sucked a scoop out of him. God that was an unfortunate choice of verb, but hell I'm not talking about myself, so let's continue. The scoop was in the form of Nicole Kidman playing, well, I'll let Liman tell it:

"...the Valerie Plame story. You remember her—she’s the CIA officer who the Bush Administration exposed her identity. They punished her for her husband telling the truth about there being no plans to build nuclear weapons in Iraq. And it’s with Nicole Kidman. And ultimately it’s…you know, I’ve been trying to tell THREE DAYS OF THE CONDOR. Basically, I tried to tell it with BOURNE IDENTITY and I’m still trying to make a movie as good as that movie. It’s somewhere between THREE DAYS OF THE CONDOR and SYRIANA."

SYRIANA was a stupid film that was just too complicated. I'll never pay to see another film like that, even if it does have George Clooney. I prefer films where Ashton Kutcher falls in love with a girl but then they fight but at the end they totally make up. Hi, my name is average teenaged internet blogger. I don't know how much box-office there is in another one of these cerebral spy conspiracy flicks, but Liman is great, so hopefully there's something. Although if it takes a financial bomb to force SWINGERS 2: SURPRISINGLY STILL OBLIVIOUS TO BEING MONEY, then I'm all for shelling on WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS instead of this. Sorry Doug, it's for the best.
Extra Tidbit: Don't be fooled into thinking she always looks that good.
Source: JoBlo.com



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