Kill Bill - the novel

In addition to being a movie, Quentin Tarantino's KILL BILL will also be his first novel, available almost 6 months before the film's release date.  Tarantino signed a deal with Talk Miramax Books to publish the novel, which the writer/direction insists is not a novelization of his script.  "'Kill Bill' is not a novelization. It functions as a script, and it functions as a novel, but it's not a script and it's not a novelization. It's something in the middle that gets across my writing style as its purest."  It sounds like the man wrote so much for this movie, he couldn't fit it all into the time structure required of a narrative movie so he expanded it all into a book.  The screenplay to KILL BILL will also be published by Talk Miramax in its original form closer to the film's release date in the fall of 2003.   "Kill Bill: The Novel" hits bookshelves next Spring.

Quentin Tarantino
Writing a book takes a lot out of you I guess

Source: Variety
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