Kill Bill 3 and 4?

Kill Bill Bennett Walsh, an executive producer on Quentin Tarantino's yellow-jacketed revenge opus KILL BILL, mentioned at the recent Shanghai International Film Festival that the motor-mouthed auteur is looking to add a third and fourth volume to the franchise. He further elaborated that the third film would revolve around two guys unlucky enough to be on the receiving end of Uma Thurman's Hattori Hanzo exacting revenge on her and the fourth would center on daughters of The Bride's handiwork avenging their mothers. And though this all sounds nice and pretty in theory, let's face it, it ain't happening. Or at least is a far ways off. Tarantino's been talking about sequels to KILL BILL since the film's release but he himself has said he'd like to wait ten or fifteen years before he revisits this franchise. Tarantino's a talker. It's what he does. He's also talked about a Vega Brother's movie, a World War 2 epic, and a GRINDHOUSE sequel. Until we get a Weinstein Co. press release saying that production's started on KILL BILL 3, let's not start jacking each other off just yet.

Extra Tidbit: Oh yeah, Tarantino's also talked about making a couple of KILL BILL anime prequels, one starring The Bride and another starring Bill (David Carradine).
Source: Earth Times



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