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Daryl Hannah, Lucy Liu and Michael Madsen have all been officially cast in Quentin Tarantino's KILL BILL according to Variety.  This is news that shouldn't come as a surprise to you considering Quentin has been up-front about who he wants in the film.  It's just good to know that the man got who he wanted. 

Hannah will be playing Bill's right-hand woman and The Bride's (Uma's character) arch-nemesis.  Personally I would've like to have seen someone younger in the role. Ever since A WALK TO REMEMBER, Daryl Hannah has frightened me.  She looked like Rebecca Romjin-Stamos in ROLLERBALL if she melted.  Scary.

Which is which?
Separated at birth?...

Lucy Liu isn't my favorite person in the world but I'm sure she'll be good for the role of Oren Ishi, "queen of the Tokyo Yakuza."  And thank God almighty that Michael Madsen is back together with Quentin.  I'm still wondering what would've been had he not skipped out on PULP FICTION to do WYATT EARP.  This ranks up there with Lyle Lovett breaking up with Julia Roberts.  Worst decision ever.  Things are shaping up nicely.  Filming begins (finally!) this June in Los Angeles.

Source: Variety
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