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Casey Affleck's been sadly absent from the big screen since his two amazing 2007 roles, in GONE BABY GONE and THE ASSASSINATION OF JESSE JAMES, and finally his first new film is quietly making its way towards showering Ben's little bro with further acclaim, which I'm pretty sure he'll completely deserve.

The good folks from Quiet Earth posted a bunch of official stills from THE KILLER INSIDE ME, where Affleck plays a sheriff's deputy who has to multiply the murders in order to cover up his previous ones and avoid being exposed for the psychopath he is.

Michael Winterbottom directs with an interesting cast that includes Jessica Alba, Kate Hudson (FINALLY doing a serious flick), Bill Pullman, Elias Koteas and the great Ned Beatty. The film is a second adaption of the Jim Thompson novel, the previous one in 1976 starring Stacy Keach.

No release date is yet known other than the intent to have it out next year. Here are a couple of those stills down there, with the rest OVER HERE. PLEASE don't do a limited release - I hate having to drive 3 hours to see a good movie...

   Affleck in TKIM

   Alba in TKIM

                                    (Yes, that's Jessica Alba)

Extra Tidbit: Wasn't there supposed to be a 4-hour cut of JESSE JAMES on DVD? What happened to that?
Source: Quiet Earth



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