Kilmer does KITT

Val Kilmer For reasons bizarrely comical, Will Arnett will not be voicing K.I.T.T. in the upcoming NBC TV movie revamp of KNIGHT RIDER. K.I.T.T., you see, is a Ford Mustang (see pictures of that sweet bad boy HERE) and Ford is planning a full marketing push in conjunction with NBC. Arnett, on the other hand, has been the voice of GMC trucks for quite some time now. This, of course, means that Arnett would kinda be cheating on GMC with Ford, which would lead to GMC calling Ford a dirty tramp and all this would end in a nasty divorce. Realizing all this, GMC contacted Arnett and asked him to back out. Luckily, however, NBC managed to snag Val Kilmer to be the voice of the talking Mustang, and are now scrambling to get his voice over work done before the film premieres February 17th. For a detailed account of the film's plot, check out the aforementioned link.

Extra Tidbit: Kilmer got his role in HEAT after Keanu Reeves backed out.
Source: Variety



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