Kilmer joins Bad Lt.

Wow, two Val Kilmer stories in one day? You gotta admire the guy's work ethic. His hit-to-miss ratio may not be the greatest (still better than, say, Michael Madsen), but he sure doesn't slow down for too long. Fine with me, I'm a Kilmer fan, but if only more of his paychecks resulted in movies like SPARTAN or KISS KISS BANG BANG...

Ah, but I digress. Kilmer has signed on to play the partner (badge, not bedroom) of Nic Cage's hyper scumbag cop in Werner Herzog's "re-imagining" of BAD LIEUTENANT. Rapper/ride-pimper Xzibit will play their nemesis "Big Fade", who I hope is so named because he has a huge Kid 'n Play hairstyle.

Eva Mendes also stars in the flick, an update-but-not-remake of Abel Ferrara's 1992 movie featuring Harvey Keitel as a lowlife asshole detective who enjoys gambling, f*cking, drinking and doing lots of drugs in between occasional police work.
Extra Tidbit: The pic of sweaty shirtless Val is to make up for the shot of cheeseburger Val we used earlier today.
Source: Variety



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