Kilmer on... Mini-Me?

News today is that Val Kilmer actually came up with the original idea upon which Mini-Me - from the AUSTIN POWERS movies - was based.

[I created] Mini-Me you know... [On] ‘Island of Dr. Moreau’ I told Marlon Brando my plan to save my performance just in case there was a giant hole in the second half - I was going to strap the little man to my chest... And, you know, you can’t get around that visual. And then he [Brando] STOLE my little man! I asked Mike Myers about it myself. He said, ‘absolutely’ [it came from that movie]... Same studio made it. And he saw a screening and said, ‘that’s really funny.’”

So there you have it. Val Kilmer is the bomb. He was Batman, he gave one of the all-time great performances in TOMBSTONE, he was Iceman in TOPGUN, starred in KISS KISS BANG BANG and played the coolest non-De Niro/Pacino character in HEAT. I heard he's in training now to pole vault a hundred stories into the air and nunchuck Voltron. This guy is the man.
Extra Tidbit: He went out with Cindy Crawford back in '96. Why wouldn't he?
Source: MTV



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