Kilmer runs on Steam

Val Kilmer sure does work a lot -- this is his second article this week! But anyone with that kind of turnover rate is bound to crank out misses with the hits. And judging solely by his co-stars, this latest sounds like it could be visiting your local DVD shelves directly.

The hard-working, occasionally puffy Kilmer will star with Armand Assante, Eric Roberts, Patrick Muldoon and Megan Brown in a suspense flick called THE STEAM EXPERIMENT. The story involves six people trapped in a Turkish bath house. Do I need to say more?

Okay -- Kilmer is apparently the one turning up the heat. He's a disgraced professor who's trying to prove a point about global warming by illustrating its effects on unwilling subjects. Hmmm, now it's kind of interesting. Philippe Martinez directs the flick. Kilmer will next be seen in THE BAD LIEUTENANT, STREETS OF BLOOD and about a dozen other things.


Extra Tidbit: Sure, he was great in TOMBSTONE, but I'll always love Val for REAL GENIUS. "I drank what?"
Source: THR



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