King of Fighters int.

Wait, you’re telling me that there’s a KING OF FIGHTERS movie coming out starring Ray Park and Maggie Q? I’ve no idea how long this has been in development, but I’ll be damned if I’ve heard anything about it until this trailer/interview clip popped up on the internet.

The film is directed by Gordon Chan (who we have to thank for THE MEDALLION), and is exactly how you might imagine a hastily made KING OF FIGHTERS movie might look like. I can only imagine the casting process here.

Maggie Q: So what is this about?

Gordon Chan: There’s some fighters, and they all want to be king. It was a video game.

Maggie Q: Is it better than Street Fighter?

Gordon Chan: Uhhh, sure (looks at the ground).

Ray Park: Do I have to wear a mask and not talk?

Gordon Chan: No, and you can keep your accent.

Ray Park: Sold.

Maggie Q: But please don’t market this at all because we don’t want people to know we’re attached to whatever this ends up being.

Gordon Chan: Marketing? Please, we spent our entire budget on CGI fire fists.

Extra Tidbit: Yes, Maggie Q is supposed to be playing Mai Shiranui. Are you f*cking kidding me??
Source: JoBlo



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