King of Kong trailer

There was a time when I never thought I’d outgrow my affinity for video games. My life was once ruled by them, and I never thought naked girls on a laptop screen would overtake that as my reason to get up in the morning, but they have. For two men named Billy and Steve, featured in the new documentary THE KING OF KONG: A FISTFUL OF QUARTERS, it apparently hasn’t. They’re as into video games now as the little brother I never had, specifically Donkey Kong. Billy is a hot sauce mogul who holds the twenty year Donkey Kong record, and when a down-on-his-luck middle school teacher dares to challenge that, a classic rivalry is born. And it’s all true. Like I said earlier, it’s a documentary, but New Line has already greenlit the ‘based on a true story’ project. This is something worth checking out on August 17th, when it’s released in theaters. But for now, you should check out the trailer HERE. This Billy character looks like a real winner.
Extra Tidbit: The original Donkey Kong is the first appearance of Mario, where he was known as Jumpman.
Source: Yahoo Movies



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