King's Cell calls TV

A few years back, horror guy Eli Roth was planning a feature adaptation of Stephen King's phone apocalypse novel CELL.

Now it sounds like the carnage-filled epic might be getting squeezed down to a smaller size (while extending in length). Arrow in the Head says that filmmaker John Harrison (CLIVE BARKER'S BOOKS OF BLOOD) is currently writing a four-hour TV/cable miniseries based on the bloody book.

The Weinsteins are apparently still behind the project, which means we'll maybe see it someday, or not. King's story is a twist on the zombie genre in which mobile phones deliver an apocalyptic payload into the brains of users, creating a world of vicious, mindless killing machines and leaving pockets of low-tech survivors (and devastated network providers).

Roth is no longer involved, but he'll probably be busy for a while putting together his own grand-scale sci-fi destruction project ENDANGERED SPECIES (and maybe whacking more noggins with a baseball bat, if Tarantino has his way).

Extra Tidbit: Actor Campbell Scott (ROGER DODGER, THE SPANISH PRISONER) narrated the audiobook version of "Cell".
Source: AITH



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