Kingsley Expendable?

Well, it sounds like Sylvester Stallone won't be reuniting with his DEMOLITION MAN co-star Sandra Bullock after all. But has his all-out action onslaught THE EXPENDABLES gained a knight?

While ambushed by Extra, Stallone not only confirmed the involvement of Oscar-winner Forest Whitaker, but dropped that Sir Ben Kingsley may also join his badass movie about a badass team of badasses. (He then expressed sorrow for the death of John Travolta's son, and took off in a ludicrously nice car.)

No telling who Kingsley might play -- will he slip on his villain trousers again to play the flick's cruel dictator, or will he somehow be assisting Stallone's team of mercs?

One thing's for sure: the guy loves to work (thereby explaining BLOODRAYNE, THUNDERBIRDS, A SOUND OF THUNDER, etc.). He'll next be seen in PRINCE OF PERSIA, Scorsese's SHUTTER ISLAND, and probably advertisements for your local grocer.

Extra Tidbit: Yeah, that is Sir Ben's most recent wife. C'mon, when you hit your 60s (50s, 40s, etc.), you'll try to do the same thing.
Source: Extra



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