Kinnear invented wipers?

Greg Kinnear is working hard these days and has signed on to star in his third film in just a few weeks. Kinnear will star with Lauren Graham in the upcoming Universal drama FLASH OF GENIUS. In the film he'll play the guy who invented the intermittent windshield wiper who has his concept stolen by Detroit automakers. He spends the rest of his life battling for retribution at the expense of his wife (Graham) and family. The film is based on the life of Robert Kearns whose story was featured in a New Yorker article eight years ago. Producer Marc Abraham (DAWN OF THE DEAD) will make his directorial debut on the project. Kinnear will work on GENIUS this July in Toronto then return to New York to film BABY MAMA with Tina Fey and then shift to the romantic comedy GHOST TOWN with Ricky Gervais in October. All told sounds like a busy 2007 for Kinnear. Graham can be seen next weekend alongside Steve Carell in EVAN ALMIGHTY.

Extra Tidbit: The real-life Kearns died two years ago.
Source: Variety



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