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Kirsten Dunst Turning Japanese in insane McG-directed music video


My shift is about to end here, but I can't leave without posting this video, which is without a doubt, one of the most WTF things I believe I've ever seen.

What you're about to witness is a video commissioned by artist Takashi Murakami, filmed by McG and starring Kirsten Dunst singing "Turning Japanese" while wearing a Sailor Moon-ish getup and wig amidst images of Japan and giant cartoon breasts.

The piece screened last fall at "Pop Life: Art in a Material World," a London-based art show full of shit like this. But I guess the video is just now starting to circulate, and you should take a look before Dunst's lawyer team petitions to get it banned from the internet. 

Caution: NSFW cartoon boobs and all around batshit craziness ahoy!

The video has been removed at the request of the producers

Extra Tidbit: My mind is too blown to come up with anything to say here.
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