Kissing Angelina Jolie

MTV caught up with Jason Butler Harner today and he spoke to them a little about a certain scene in the upcoming THE CHANGELING, where he improvised a little something. What was it? Oh yeah, even though it was nowhere in the script at all, that son of a bitch gave her some sugar:

“I try to be selective with my improvising... Clint approved... He could see it happening and he said, ‘Do it and we’ll see what happens... She slapped me and she held me and she hit me and it was great... She totally went with it. She’s really smart. She’s beautiful, but she’s really smart, and she’s a great actress.”

I swear to God if they ever let me near that chick I'd do the exact same thing. It always amazed me that in MR. AND MRS. SMITH none of the extras in that dinner/dance scene didn't vault the tables like they were Seabiscuit to get over there and lay one on her. Were these people sedated? Or threatened by invisible bears?
Extra Tidbit: Also interesting: you only get a slap. Hang on -- yeah, I'm pretty sure I'd take that.
Source: MTV



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