KK Downey Trailer

Sam Peckinpah, Ernest Hemmingway and Oprah Winfrey will go down as legends in the pantheon of functioning alcoholics; people who can tie a few back and still get some good work done. The elusive club has suddenly gained new, nubile members, those belonging to the much-dissected, oft-admired hipster set, straight from the unforgiving streets of Montreal. Matt Silver, Darren Curtis and the rest of the Canadian comedy crew known as Kidnapper Films are officially releasing their under-the-radar comedy that has been ripping through the film fest circuit like my mother at a hot dog stand

The film is called WHO IS KK DOWNEY and it follows the story of a man-child (Matt Silver) desperate to have his novel published so that he can reap the benefits of the celebrity that follows. Enter the JT Leroy mythology and the questions of identity, fame and media hype that go hand-in-hand. Initially I wanted the film to fail because my promised bit part never materialized, but after watching the newly released trailer I am convinced that this thing will be a monster in and of itself. I've witnessed these boys drink themselves blind for half a decade in Montreal, and then they go ahead and create a feature film, when all I ever did was wake up in a bed stained with blood and gravy. Sometimes life just ain't fair.


Extra Tidbit: Along with The Arcade Fire, Poutine, and French girls in thongs, Kidnapper Films can officially be added to the long line of great Montreal exports. And JoBlo.com, of course!
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