Knocked Up for Oscar?

Today (June 1st) the day that the blockbuster third trilogies (SHREK, PIRATES, SPIDER-MAN) take a backseat to what Universal hopes can be a blockbuster of their own - the Judd Apatow comedy KNOCKED UP. Now this time last year if you would've said that a comedy starring that curly-haired guy who was in THE 40-YEAR-OLD VIRGIN for a few scenes would be the summer's runaway hit, you'd have slapped me and stolen my wallet. But here we are and dare I say that KNOCKED UP will not only kill at the box-office but may also have some success later this year during Oscar season. Now comedies, and raunchy ones at that, usually have little success at the Oscars. But consider this: KNOCKED UP is currently ranking 92% Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, which is the fourth highest rating of the year and the only film about 90% to have a wide release. Everyone seems to love this movie. It's a blurbmeister's dream. You've seen the billboard touting the Variety review that calls it "uproarious" but Entertainment Weekly gives it an "A," it got 3.5 stars from USA Today and the New York Times calls it an "instant classic" (sadly I couldn't find out what Earl Dittman thought). Why shouldn't Judd Apatow be nominated for Best Original Screenplay and Best Director? Universal probably will hate me for doing this, but allow me to kick-off the unofficial KNOCKED UP Oscar campaign. Best Picture of the year? Can't argue with that.

Extra Tidbit: Anne Hathaway has got to be kicking herself for dropping out of this film.
Source: JoBlo.com



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