Koechner has goods

I'm worried about Jeremy Piven, not in the sense that he may contract an STD from one of the many gorgeous LA girls I'm sure he's indulging himself in, but I'm worried that he may get typecast as the slick, sometimes sleazy smooth talker who could either be the perfect Hollywood agent, or on the flipside, the perfect used car salesman. Piven is indeed starring in the upcoming THE GOODS: THE DON READY STORY, a tale about a used car liquidator (is there a difference between that and a salesman?) who is hired to save a struggling dealership on the Fourth of July. But this article isn't about Jeremy, rather about of the fellows who've been hired to star alongside him.

Ving Rhames (PULP FICTION) and David Koechner (ANCHORMAN) are these two gentleman, and they are ripe with comedic shops, particularly Koechner. He's a personal favourite of mine, and anyone who's seen his turn as Todd Packer on NBC's THE OFFICE knows why. I'm glad Koechner hasn't achieved the super-stardom that his pals Steve Carrell, Will Ferrell and Jack Black have, because it allows him to be edgier and steal every scene he's in. Rhames can be seen in the upcoming remake of DAY OF THE DEAD and Koechner in WALK HARD and SEMI-PRO.

Extra Tidbit: David Koechner describes Creedence Clearwater Revival as the American Beatles.



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