Kombat Begins?

When philosophers look over the major travesties of the 20th Century, you can be sure that when they argue over which was the cruelest blow to humanity, this argument will be concerning the holocaust, the 9/11 disaster and the attempts at converting Mortal Kombat into a movie franchise.

That said, it looks like fate has swung around one more time to take a fresh dump on anyone who ever enjoyed the game in it's purest form. It is reported that Threshold (who hold the rights to the game) are looking to reinvent the series not unlike the way that Christopher Nolan did with BATMAN BEGINS. The director of the film, mink (INTO THE SUN) has apparently been fielding questions about the direction of the upcoming movie on the boards at Imdb.com. Hopefully this time we'll get something good, rather than... well... what we got last time.
Extra Tidbit: Jean Claude Van Damme apparently turned down the role of Johnny Cage in the original MORTAL KOMBAT to play Guile in STREET FIGHTER. He must have felt like Meryl Streep in SOPHIE'S CHOICE.
Source: MovieHole



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